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Club "Dnipro" visiting the library

To the 100th anniversary of the library for the members of the Dnipro club, graduates of different years of DNU, an excursion was conducted under the name "NB: a journey through time".
14 members of the club under the direction of V. Ekshova got acquainted with the history of the library, went through its various locations. More...


On April 4, 2018 the all-university cultural event "Preparing for Easter" was held in which our creative team took part. There is a holiday in the life of every person which is waited for, to which you prepare carefully and which not only beautifies our everyday life, but also gives good mood, joy and happiness. For a Christian such a holiday is Easter. Christ is risen! These are the words from which a soul feels light and joy!
The event was opened by the Head of Ukrainian Literature Department Oleinik Natalia Petrovna and the head of "Oberig" studio Natalia Mikhailovna Scherbak. Embroidered towels, napkins, paper patterns, embroidered pictures with sophisticated taste and creative design attracted the guests' attention. In addition to items of needlework, samples of Petrikivka painting were presented by a master, member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists Panko Valentina Fedorovna. More...


1Wonderland of Art in the scientific library

On April 4, in the pre-Easter week, in the Scientific Library of the Dneprovsky National University named after Oles Honchar, an exhibition of creative works "The Miracle of Art" timed to the 100th anniversary of our alma mater took place. More...





To the 100th anniversary of Oles Honchar

April 3 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding Ukrainian writer, classic of Ukrainian literature, public figure, academician, Hero of Ukraine (posthumously), whose name is Oles Terentievich Gonchar. On March 27, literary readings "Oles Honchar: My Truth" dedicated to this event were held in the scientific library. The library was visited by students from the preparatory department of the university, who came from different countries of the world. More...


On March 17, the open regional mathematical tournament "Eureka 2018" took place in the library's premises. The tournament was held by the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, the chairman of the organizing committee was Dean A. V. Khaminich. About 200 schoolchildren attended this competition, accompanied by teachers of mathematics, for which, during the expectation of the results, librarians organized meaningful excursions to the departments and bookshops of the library. More...



The holiday of March 8 has an interesting history. International Women's Day appeared at the beginning of the last century, when women massively fought for their rights. Women make this world better by their beauty and charm, they keep their home, warm their dearest with their love and kindness. Creativity is an important part of the female world, women sing and dance, embroider, and make hand made jewelry and so on. More...




On February 19 the world celebrates 545 years since the birth of the great Polish astronomer and mathematician Nicholaus Copernicus

1 The idea of ​​creating a new theory of the world was leading in N. Copernicus’s scientific work. In his most important work "On the rotation of heavenly spheres", the scientist postulated a completely new understanding of the Earth place and at the same time the place of a man in the universe, acting as the creator of the heliocentric world system.
More than 20 books and periodicals devoted to the life path and scientific activity of Nicolaus Copernicus are presented at the book exhibition prepared by the staff of Social Sciences and Humanities Reading Hall Докладніше...



The Scientific Library invites to visit the book-magazine exhibition: "Maidan Ukraine. November 21, 2013 - February 23, 2014. Revolution of dignity ". More...






The Reading Room of Natural, Technical and Economic Literature presents a number of thematic exhibitions: ‘Science and Life’, ‘World of Animals’, ‘World of Plants’, and ‘Useful Tips’. More...





February 14 – St. Valentine's Day.


This holiday was celebrated in different countries and it was celebrated in different ways. In England, there was a belief that the first man whom the girl met on February 14 was to become her Valentine and didn’t matter if she wanted it or not. But the girls found a way out of this situation: on this day they walked blindfolded. The Italians consider it their duty to give sweets to their beloved on Valentine's Day. In Italy this day is called «a sweet day". More...






This weighty term absorbed all the spiritual and material achievements created by man throughout history. These are works of architecture, monumental sculpture and painting, joint creations of man and nature, as well as zones, including archaeological sites, representing outstanding universal value in terms of history, science, aesthetics, ethnology or anthropology. Libraries, museums and archives also belong to the cultural heritage. Not for nothing is the year 2018 in Europe declared a year of cultural heritage. As part of the celebration, the library invites readers to familiarize themselves with permanent exhibitions under the general title "Cultural heritage of the world". More...

A great library fan and an active reader

On January 27, 2018 died a great fan and an active reader of the library, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Grigorievich Bolebrukh (20.10.1940 – 27.01.2018). More...


January 27 is the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust.


It is worth remembering that 'Holocaust’ is translated from Greek as ‘whole burnt’ and means systematic persecution and genocide of the Jews by Nazi Germany and collaborators during1933-1945. In a broader sense, Holocaust is systematic persecution and destruction of people based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or genetic type as inferior and harmful. More...




2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage

2018 was officially launched on 7-8 December 2017 at the European Culture Forum in Milan. It is called upon to focus on cultural heritage richness, its role in forming a sense of common identity and in the future of Europe. The purpose of the Year is to raise awareness of cultural heritage social and economic importance. The goal is to reach the widest possible audience, including children and youth, local communities and people who are far from cultural life in order to make them feel involved. More ...


1 January 25 marks 80 years since the birth of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky: an outstanding actor, singer and poet, a classic of author's song genre. Vysotsky wrote about 700 songs and poems, he toured around the USSR and abroad with great success. As an actor he starred in about thirty films ("The meeting place can not be changed", "Vertical"), he was a member of the permanent troupe of Taganka Drama and Comedy Theater. More...


newtonThe Mystery of Isaac Newton

The Mystery of Isaac Newton January 4, 2018 marks the 375th birthday of the English mathematician, astronomer and physicist Isaac Newton. The exhibition "The Mystery of Isaac Newton" presented in the department of scientific literature is devoted to this event. More...


Festive journey to "The Art of Calligraphy"

Rare Books Department began December 27 with an interesting book review on the topic "Art of Calligraphy". This event was prepared by the library at the request of a Journalism faculty teacher as a gift for his son Artem’s birthday, a future student. More...

We invite everyone to get acquainted with diversified book collection and periodical funds (more than 2 million volumes), to work with necessary literature, to get information on different issues. (More ...)

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Since October 2017g. the library provides users with free access to the international science-based databases Scopus and Web of Science. Please note: you can see the international patent database Derwent Innovation, which is available on the Web of Science platform.

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