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1The jubilee exhibition "The Unknown Sphinx" is devoted to the 295th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding Ukrainian humanistic educator, philosopher, poet and teacher Grigory Savvich Skovoroda. He was born in the village of Chernukha in Poltava in 1722. Skovoroda received his education at the Kiev Mogila Academy. Persecuted by secular and spiritual authorities, from the 1770s he led a life of a wandering philosopher. And this journey lasted until his death, almost thirty years. It was full of adventures, shrouded in legends and stories. The glory of Skovoroda went so far that queen Catherine II also knew about him and wished to see him. She sent Skovoroda an invitation with her assistant Potemkin asking to move from Ukraine to St. Petersburg. The messenger gave Skovoroda the queen's invitation but Grigory Savvich looked simply and calmly into the messenger's eyes and said, "Tell the queen that I will not leave Ukraine - I have a pipe and a sheep and they are more expensive than a royal crown."
The exhibition is presented in the department of scientific literature.


1A dog lives with people for many years. The dog serves him faithfully, accompanies him, helps to protect herds, borders, catches criminals or just gives joy, love and friendship. Nowadays about 400 breeds of dogs live on earth. The longer a dog lives in a house, the more the owner talks to her, the more words it understands. In some incomprehensible way dogs also know how to recognize a person's mood and emotions and can influence them.
2018 is the year of the Dog according to the Chinese astrological calendar, it starts on February 16, 2018. The exhibition about the best friends of a man - dogs called "Always near" is devoted to this event. You can learn about new and ancient breeds of dogs, history of their breeding, recommendations on upbringing, feeding and treatment of our four-legged friends. You can also read funny and touching stories about friendship of dogs and people.


On the days of school holidays pupils of the 10th form (school No. 134), under the supervision of a history teacher, a DNU graduate Vadim Medyanik, visited the scientific library.
Despite autumn cold, they seemed to add heat to our cool halls. More...


Ukrainian Revolution

In the period of 1917-1921 Ukraine experienced various forms of national statehood: the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the Ukrainian state, The Western Ukrainian People's Republic (the ZUNR), the Kuban People’s Republic, as well as the Crimean People’s Republic, but it could not maintain its state independence. The Ukrainian ethnic territories were divided among the USSR, the Polish Republic, the Kingdom of Romania and the Czechoslovak Republic. Thus, the Ukrainian national-democratic revolution was defeated. More...


October 25 - the day of liberation of Dnepropetrovsk from the Nazi invaders

25 жовтня The Nazis broke in on the territory of the region on August 12 for the first time, seizing Verkhovtsevo. On August 13 Pyatikhatki were captured, August 15 - Krivoy Rog, on August 17 - Nikopol. On August 19, the first artillery shelling was conducted in Dnepropetrovsk, and on August 25, after a fierce defense, the city was occupied by German troops. The Germans completely occupied the city and the region by October 1941 and began to establish their own laws and carry out repressions. Having captured the city, the occupiers destroyed more than 30 thousand prisoners of war and a lot of civilians. 75 thousand people were hijacked to Germany. The population of the city declined several times and in early 1942 it was less than 200 thousand people. Almost all industrial enterprises were destroyed, more than 40% of the "housing stock" was demolished, parks and squares were burnt. Later Dnepropetrovsk became the center of one of the six districts of the Ukrainian Reich Commissariat. More.....


"In fact, the driving force is life itself, every day brings something new, good or bad, and this is reflected in pictures, this is the desire to share your own vision of the world, your impressions and love with audience and friends. Inspiration is your dear family, and when you see how the trees are covered with the first greenery, and the current of the Dnieper and interesting people. Of course, Ukraine, its past, present and future takes a significant place in my creative works. And everything that is connected with my country is important for me and one way or another is reflected in my paintings,"- an artist from Kamiansky Alla Mikhalchuk. Alla Albertovna's works can be found in the reading room for teachers in Dnipro National University Scientific Library.

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