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Since January re-registration of readers is being held. Teachers, students and readers are welcomed to the library for  re-registration.



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"In fact, the driving force is life itself, every day brings something new, good or bad, and this is reflected in pictures, this is the desire to share your own vision of the world, your impressions and love with audience and friends. Inspiration is your dear family, and when you see how the trees are covered with the first greenery, and the current of the Dnieper and interesting people. Of course, Ukraine, its past, present and future takes a significant place in my creative works. And everything that is connected with my country is important for me and one way or another is reflected in my paintings,"- an artist from Kamiansky Alla Mikhalchuk. Alla Albertovna's works can be found in the reading room for teachers in Dnipro National University Scientific Library.

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It is difficult to overestimate the role of the teacher in society, no matter what winds of change dominate in this society. Indeed, the teacher is called to form the personality of the future person. According to Gregory Skovoroda, he is not the one who teaches anyone, but helps to become a person. The profession of the teacher is eternal like the world and at all times it demanded that the teacher would sow eternal, kind, fair realizing himself as a human person, as a teacher and specialist, and at due time - collects a crop in the form of his students - talented and worthy citizens of our independent state. More...


On the City Day in Globa Park the festival " Dnipro Libraries invite to a date" was held under the motto "The Book Unites".

For the holiday our library prepared a photo report “Oles Honchar Scientific Library: chronicle 2017”. For consideration of visitors a photo exhibit revealing interesting literary events, meetings with the authors of books, series of events dedicated to the Year of Japan in the country, was opened. Guests received coloured flyers with useful information about library services. It was pleasant and interesting to talk with colleagues about the introduction of new, creative forms of work. The participation of the library in city events helps spreading information about Dnipro National University among young people at the local and regional levels.



Space Prophet

What associations arise when we mention the name of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky? Many will say: "Tsiolkovsky is the father of cosmonautics". This answer is not surprising, because Konstantin Eduardovich is a legendary figure whose works in the field of physics, chemistry, and aerodynamics became powerful catalysts of scientific and technological progress, including space exploration. More...



In Search of Japan


With the support of the Scientific Library a training project “In Search of Japan” is presented by Associate Professor S.A.Ivanova. The project was prepared
within the framework of practical lessons of "Modern Information Systems and Technologies" course. The project is aimed at developing students' working skills with information, namely: 

• search and selection of information on the topic 
• thematic grouping of information 
• semantic combination of information. 

The project was carried out by students of group SM-16 (I course), specialty International Relations, Faculty of Social sciences and International relations. The results of the work on the project can be seen on the library's website and on Facebook page.



To the 125th anniversary of Y. A. Mezhenko’s birth (1892 - 1969)

Our library keeps a bibliographic index "Russian technical periodicals of 1800 - 1916" (1955) published by Yu.A. Mezhenko As stated in the preface: "More than 400 journals and newspapers described in this bibliography represent in general the most valuable material for each researcher in the history of technology." The publication contains information about the first technical journals, their content and history. More




Culture of Japan: history and modernity

1The library continues to acquaint readers with one of the most mysterious countries in the world - Japan. This time the theme of the book exhibition is “The Culture and Art of the Country of the Rising Sun”. You will probably be interested in the albums: "Decorative painting of Japan of the 16th – 18th centuries", "Japanese theatrical engraving", "Art of Japan", "Big Atlas of Bonsai". You can learn about Japanese theater Kabuki, the art of netsuke, traditional Japanese pottery, the art of making thematic compositions - ikebana, about where and how the Japanese cook and eat, and much more information about the Japanese, their preferences and habits.


A stand with "temari» balls is presented in the lobby. This is one of the traditional Japanese art that originated as children's entertainment, it spread all over the whole world and now it has a decorative status. The exhibition is shown in the lobby of the library.



Funny vacation with a bookFunny vacation with a book

Among the variety of summer activities, do not forget about visiting the library. Department of scientific literature service annually, during the summer holidays, organizes for its readers special collections of books for children. It will be interesting for schoolchildren to learn about the daily life of ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs, Vikings, Crusaders campaigns. Those who plan to visit nature: in the woods, at sea, and perhaps in exotic countries, we recommend reading books from the "World of Animals" series. Such as "Wolves", "Spiders", "Alligators and crocodiles", "Sharks". Future ecologists and nature experts should familiarize themselves with the publication of Anatoly Davydov and Gennady Kuznetsov "Know, love, take care", which tells about rare species of animals in Ukraine. More


We give ourselves a holiday

The meeting of the Women's Club took place on May 31. Creativity is the essence of our staff and the topic of the meeting was "We give ourselves a holiday".

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere. More ...



By the day of Slavic writing and culture

On May 24, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic are celebrating The Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. The feast is timed to commemorate Saints Cyril and Methodius, Slavic enlighteners and preachers of Christianity. Cyril and Methodius are considered "fathers" of the Slavic alphabet, created on the basis of the Greek alphabet.



childOn the first of June the world community has been celebrating fine and humane holiday – International Day for Protection of Children – for more than 60 years. The decision to celebrate International Day for Protection of Children on the 1st of June was adopted by the International Democratic Federation of Women in November in 1949. This holiday was marked in 1950 in 51 countries in the world for the first time. In Ukraine this holiday has been celebrated since 1998. More....


On the 12th of April Scientific Library took part in the annual event “Easter Miracle” arranged on the Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages and Art. There were Easter eggs (pysankas), pictures, beautiful vytynankas (paper cutting art), Ukrainian embroidery, weaving and Petrikivka painting. More...


Opening hours: Mon — Fri: 9–17.45, Sat, Sun: 9-16.45


We invite you to participate in the photo contest "Japanese features in the face of the Dnipro and the region", dedicated to the Year of Japan in Ukraine. More...


Now, in the lobby of the scientific library DNU bust adorns Taras Shevchenko.

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A regular meeting of the Women's Club was held on February 28 in the reading room for teachers. The subjects of the meeting were "Japanese Tea Ceremony" and "World of Japan." More...


Reading room of natural, technical and economic literature introduces the show "Country, de go sonce", dedicated to Japan. More


In the department of belles-lettres a permanent book exhibition "Japan: the World in the Drop of Rain" is exhibited. More


"And they lived happily ever after and died in one day" – it is said about couples who kept their love for years. We are presenting books with love stories of famous people who passed the test of power, money, fame and poverty. More


Plunge into the magic of love, played by talented poets and writers, to experience the joy and pain of loving hearts, learn to understand their feelings will help a great exhibition of books in the fiction department. More


Library is the keeper of history and it invites all users, especially students and teachers of the Faculty of History, to dive into exciting, mysterious and changeable world of history.


DNU Scientific Library got a unique collection of textbooks, which enables to read writings and research of outstanding international scientists on theoretical and practical aspects of problems and approaches to the study of multilingualism. More

We invite everyone to get acquainted with diversified book collection and periodical funds (more than 2 million volumes), to work with necessary literature, to get information on different issues. (More ...)

You can find the electronic library (e-books, etc.). in the Internet class of the library There is access to the internet via LAN and Wi-Fi.

Take part in the charity event "Give the library a new book."

Your charity will help to update the library collection, to familiarize users with the latest books on various branches of knowledge and interesting fiction.
If you are the author of a new book, do not forget about the library where your creative achievements will be stored and will find recognition among readers.
Donations are  received in Readers servicing department and in The Fiction Department
     Address: Kazakova Street, 8, room 110, room 306.


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