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Culinary Arts: Literature Review

A bibliographic review for third-year international tourism students "Culinary art: from ancient recipes to modern technologies" was presented in Rare Books department. The goal was to familiarize students with the history and recipes of Ukrainian cuisine and the cuisine of the peoples of the world, to give students theoretical knowledge for its further application in the practice.

An excursion into the history of bread, wine, beer and oil production technology in the 18th - 20th centuries was very interesting. So called baby-books, devoted to culinary dishes from ducks and goose and features of national cuisine were of particular interest for the students. The reprint and facsimile popular editions of the 19th century, which contain the ancient recipes of the French culinary expert, philosopher J.A. Brilja-Savarena, Countess A.I. Molokhovets and Count Tolstoy's family were shown to the students. The emphasis was made on vegetarian dishes literature as one of the ancient directions of dietology. The students were offered a set of modern literature on the history of Ukrainian cuisine and cuisine of the world (Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Mexico and China). The event was aimed at providing the educational process, expanding professional knowledge of International Economics Faculty students specializing in hotel and restaurant business.

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