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Ukrainian Revolution

1 In the period of 1917-1921 Ukraine experienced various forms of national statehood: the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the Ukrainian state, The Western Ukrainian People's Republic (the ZUNR), the Kuban People’s Republic, as well as the Crimean People’s Republic, but it could not maintain its state independence. The Ukrainian ethnic territories were divided among the USSR, the Polish Republic, the Kingdom of Romania and the Czechoslovak Republic. Thus, the Ukrainian national-democratic revolution was defeated. This defeat was a consequence of disunity of the political elite, incompleteness of forming a nation, differences between national and social tasks of the liberation movement, its conditioning by external political and, above all, by military factors. However, having not achieved its goal, the Ukrainian revolution has begun the process of forming a modern political nation and revived the tradition of Ukrainian statehood.
The Scientific Library invites teachers and students of the Historical Faculty and all who are interested in the history of Ukraine, to get acquainted with the literature devoted to the period of 1917-1921 at the exhibition "Ukraine in a revolutionary epoch". The exhibition is presented in the department of scientific literature.


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