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On August 24, 1991, The Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The territory of the state was proclaimed as one and indivisible. Only the Constitution and laws of Ukraine have effect on the territory of Ukraine.
From August 22 to September 2  as a part of the events dedicated to this date the reading room of social sciences and humanities presents a book exhibition "Independent and indivisible, live forever, Ukraine!".  
The books at the exhibition tell about fateful stages of state formation in Ukraine.
The materials presented in the section “Twenty Steps to the Purpose: Legal Foundations of the Independent State” will be of great interest to scientists, historians and law students who study
modern Ukrainian history.
The following section is devoted to problems of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens: "Constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens of independent Ukraine". True art lovers will be able to get intellectual enjoyment of the book "Decorative Art of Ukraine". The book "Ukrainian women in History" tells about the most famous women of our country and their contribution to the struggle for independence.
28 years of independence have been saturated with political and economic changes in the country. During this seemingly short time, Ukraine gained recognition in the world, but the war that came to our country changed the lives and consciousness of people. The theme of war is revealed in the section: "In book memory - the moment of war." We invite readers to visit the reading room.

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