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To 100-years of DNU named after Oles Honchar

From the holy Honchar’s land, a picturesque settlement Sucha in Poltava district, our library was given an important gift – «Letters to Oles Honchar» in two volumes. After visiting a literary gathering «Green Holiday of Honchar’s childhood» on the instructions of rector of Poltava national pedagogical university named after Korolenko professor N. I. Stepanenko, the book was brought to us by Natalia Shcherbak, the specialist in educational methods of the Center of humanistic problems of education.
The edition includes the letters of the writers, publicists, literary scholars, artists, written to the master of literary word who is famous all over the world Oles Honchar. The letters are presented chronologically (1946-1995).
This book will be interesting for both teachers and students of our university, which is named after Oles Terentijovich Honchar. It will be also interesting for all admirers of the Ukrainian word and culture.

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