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2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage

2018 was officially launched on 7-8 December 2017 at the European Culture Forum in Milan. It is called upon to focus on cultural heritage richness, its role in forming a sense of common identity and in the future of Europe. The purpose of the Year is to raise awareness of cultural heritage social and economic importance. The goal is to reach the widest possible audience, including children and youth, local communities and people who are far from cultural life in order to make them feel involved.
From archaeological sites to modern architecture, from medieval castles to folk traditions and crafts, cultural heritage is in the very heart of the collective memory and identity of European citizens. 453 UNESCO monuments make Europe "the holder" of almost half of the World Heritage List.
Libraries of higher educational institutions work to keep historical and cultural national memory: they create local history literature collections, carry out research in the field of local history, they have departments of rare and valuable publications, keep documents not only of national but also of world cultural level. Popularization and opening of book collections form a sense of responsibility and involvement in historical and cultural heritage.

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