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To the 100th anniversary of Oles Honchar

April 3 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding Ukrainian writer, classic of Ukrainian literature, public figure, academician, Hero of Ukraine (posthumously), whose name is Oles Terentievich Gonchar. On March 27, literary readings "Oles Honchar: My Truth" dedicated to this event were held in the scientific library. The library was visited by students from the preparatory department of the university, who came from different countries of the world. The students of the philological faculty took an active part in the event under the supervision of the head of Ukrainian literature department Oleynik Natalia Petrovna and an associate professor of the same department Polyakova Svetlana Vasilievna.
Students recited Oles Honchar's poetry and shared their poetic works dedicated to the Coryphaeus of the Ukrainian Word. The library staff prepared the works of the writer and reviewed literature devoted to his creative heritage.
Among numerous editions of the book exposition, we distinguished valuable books according to their content and timing. They are the theses of the first scientific conference "The Problems of Oles Honchar's Creative Work" (1964), in which the writer himself took part; books with dedicatory inscriptions of researchers of the writer's heritage: M. Stepanenko, M. Humenny, A. Galich. A rare example is the book of the writer's wife Valentina Gonchar "I'm full of love", published in 2008, after the Oles Honchar name was assigned to the university. Valentina Danilovna wrote on the title page: "... for a bright memory of Oles Honchar, whose name is now assigned to the university in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, which until the end of his days he loved like a son…". Among the works of the writer the collection of stories "Modry Stone" (1950) and a small edition of military poetry attract attention. The event left unforgettable emotional impressions for those present and facilitated the acquaintance of foreign students with a writer in honour of whom our university is named.

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