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October 25 - the day of liberation of Dnepropetrovsk from the Nazi invaders

25 жовтня The Nazis broke in on the territory of the region on August 12 for the first time, seizing Verkhovtsevo. On August 13 Pyatikhatki were captured, August 15 - Krivoy Rog, on August 17 - Nikopol. On August 19, the first artillery shelling was conducted in Dnepropetrovsk, and on August 25, after a fierce defense, the city was occupied by German troops. The Germans completely occupied the city and the region by October 1941 and began to establish their own laws and carry out repressions. Having captured the city, the occupiers destroyed more than 30 thousand prisoners of war and a lot of civilians. 75 thousand people were hijacked to Germany. The population of the city declined several times and in early 1942 it was less than 200 thousand people. Almost all industrial enterprises were destroyed, more than 40% of the "housing stock" was demolished, parks and squares were burnt. Later Dnepropetrovsk became the center of one of the six districts of the Ukrainian Reich Commissariat.
The German occupation lasted exactly two years and two months. On the night of October 22, 1943, the 152 rifle division of Colonel P. Kulizhsky crossed the Dnieper (Major-General V.P.Karuna, previous division commander, died in preparation for the crossing). The first landing groups of the division occupied a foothold in the area of Sukhachevka - Diyivka. Heavy battles took place on the bridgehead for three days. Simultaneously downstream from Chapley (Pridneprovskaya hydroelectric power station), the 39th Guards Motorized Rifle Division of Major-General V.A.Leshchinin crossed the Dnieper. The landing groups of the division occupied a foothold near Lotsmanskaya Kamenska settlement (Old Kaidaki). From the bridgeheads offensive battles for the liberation of Dnepropetrovsk started. On October 25, 1943 the regional center was liberated. As a sign of this victory, Moscow saluted 20 artillery volleys from 224 guns.


The monument to the soldiers of the 152 Infantry Division is located on the street Naberezhnaya factory on the banks of the Dnieper River. From October 21 to 25, the division takes offensive, drove the Dnieper.
On October 25, Dnipropetrovsk city was liberated. The division participated in many operations to liberate the country from the Nazis.

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