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Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine

Vyshyvanka Day falls at the end of spring and it means that you can demonstrate elegant national clothes. From year to year this holiday is held on the third Thursday of the last spring month. Thus, Ukraine will meet Vyshyvanka Day 2019 on May 16. An initiative to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day was firstly made in 2006 by a student of Chernivtsi National University Lesya Voronyuk. Her friend who constantly wore vyshyvanka inspired her to this idea. One day the girl offered her fellow students to come to class in national shirts. Soon this initiative spread across Ukraine, and now, on a warm spring day, people wearing national Ukrainian clothes can be seen on the streets of many cities in the country more often. The history of Vyshyvanka in Ukraine has more than one hundred years. Each region had its own features, colours, ornaments and embroidery technique. Through these patterns and drawings, our great-grandmothers wanted to attract well-being and love to the family. And vyshyvankas themselves were considered a talisman and a symbol of beauty. You can learn more about the Ukrainian national dress, its cut, traditional ornaments by visiting the exhibition in the department of scientific literature under the rubric "Traditions out of time". You will be interested in the books by K. Stamerov "Essays on the history of costumes", L. Oryol "Folk Art of Ukraine", E. Antonovich "Decorative and Applied Art", "Museum of Folk Decorative Art", T. Nikolayev "History of Ukrainian Costume" and many others. Join Vyshyvanka Day, learn about timeless traditions, and support the unique Ukrainian outfit.

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