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February 14 – St. Valentine's Day.

This holiday was celebrated in different countries and it was celebrated in different ways. In England, there was a belief that the first man whom the girl met on February 14 was to become her Valentine and didn’t matter if she wanted it or not. But the girls found a way out of this situation: on this day they walked blindfolded.
The Italians consider it their duty to give sweets to their beloved on Valentine's Day. In Italy this day is called «a sweet day". The Polish people visit Poznan on this day. According to the belief the relics of St. Valentine lie there, and above his main throne is his miraculous icon. In Japan on St. Valentine's Day Japanese women give black chocolate to men; sweets come in two forms: giri-choco - it is given to friends, colleagues and male relatives, and hon-mei - it is given only to beloved ones. Since the holiday has gained popularity in Ukraine, the tradition to give something to our loved ones on this day also became obligatory. But we should not forget that the main goal of this day is attention and concern for your partner.
In the hall of the library there is a stand dedicated to the day of lovers where you can learn the names of marriage anniversaries, to check whether your partner loves you with the help of various tests, get advice what gift to make to your beloved and what to cook for the holiday. In the department of scientific literature you can also visit an exhibition of art albums titled "Love and Kisses" devoted to the theme of love.

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