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«Dnieper gatherings»

On September 14, our city Dnepr celebrated its 243rd birthday. On this occasion, a compact entertainment ground was organized in the city center. There were a lot of interesting locations. The library was present in the Heroes' Square, where "Big Dnipro gatherings" took place. Every year the region’s libraries gather to attract the attention of the city residents to their modern capabilities, unique funds, and innovative services that they can provide to the locals. This year the visiting card of the Scientific Library was bibliographic publications (indexes, a guide) and scientific research of its employees E.Saminsky, S.V.Kubyshkina and L.N. Luchka. During the event, we had exchange of experience, lively communication with colleagues and unexpected meetings. "The Country on the Blue Dnieper" quiz devoted to local history and literature was held for ordinary citizens and it had a great success among visitors of all ages. The reward for correct answers was historical and popular books, sweets and advertising bookmarks. The answers to the quiz questions showed that Dnipro citizens are interested and know little-known facts from the history of the city. The literary quiz proved that children and adolescents mostly liked reading. They know the main characters of popular books or at least watch their screen versions.

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