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The Legend of the University

August 27 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of a world-famous scientist, full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, USSR State Prize laureate, the first Hero of Socialist Labour among rectors of Ukrainian universities, the rector who held this position for the longest period in the history of the university - 22 years - Vladimir Ivanovich Mossakovsky.
About Vladimir Ivanovich, as an extremely talented and extraordinary person, much was written and many legends were told and composed. Memoirs of him are collected in the book "V.I. Mossakovsky – scientist, rector, personality." Even if we take only the titles of the sections in the book, we can see the level of respect and appreciation of his colleagues: "A Great Figure", "Talented scientist, great rector", "Outstanding scientific personality", "Pride of Russian mechanics", "Life in the azimuth of creation", "I owe all my achievements in life to V.I. Mossakovsky", "Teacher and Personality", "Idol Forever", "Kind and Wise Mentor". The publication is illustrated with a large photo exhibition "From a Soldier to an Academician," which perfectly supplements the story about the scientist's life path. The library owes a modern building designed in 1976 to Vladimir Ivanovich. The Mossakovsky-Poshivalov family gave the library a large book collection of foreign and home scientific publications, which significantly replenished the fund of the department of foreign literature. Celebrating with the university the 100th anniversary of Academician V.I. Mossakovsky, the library presents the exhibition "The Legend of the University." We hope that the bright life and creative path of the rector will inspire modern students to realize their most cherished ideas and will be interesting in studying the history of our Alma mater.

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