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65th anniversary of Yuzhnoye Design Office

The department of scientific literature has prepared an exhibition of books devoted to the anniversary of Yuzhnoye Design Office, which presents publications telling about outstanding rocket-builders of Dnipro and Ukraine, about formation and activities of its space industry.
April 10, 2019 marks 65 years since the establishment of Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K.Yangel. The Office is specialized in development of rocket and space technology and is one of the outstanding leaders of rocket and space science and technology in Ukraine and in the world. The design office was founded in 1951 as a design department of Yuzhnoye Machine-Building Plant for production of military rockets. In 1954 it was transformed into an independent Special Design Office No. 586. Yuzhnoye Design Office became a member of a number of international space programs, including Sea Launch, it participates in the implementation of big projects like space rocket complex Dnepr, Zenit-2M and Microsputnik spacecrafts for the Earth observation system.
At the end of 2018 - the beginning of 2019, a computing center with a powerful supercomputer in Ukraine and a multifunctional test center were opened in the design office, and an innovative technology of rotational rocket case rolling was introduced. An assembly and electrical spacecraft testing workshop built according to modern international standards was also put into operation.
Outstanding scientists, whose names are known not only in Ukraine but also in the world, played a major role in the achievements of the design Office: Vasiliy Sergeevich Budnik, Mikhail Kuzmich Yangel, Vladimir Fedorovich Utkin, Stanislav Nikolaevich Konyukhov, Nikolai Fedorovich Gerasyuta and legendary director of Yuzhnoye Southern Machine-Building Plant Alexander Maximovich Makarov. We invite teachers and students to visit the exhibition.


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