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Opening hours (since September, 1): Mon — Fri: 9–17.45, Sat, Sun: 9-16.45

Since January re-registration of readers is being held. Teachers, students and readers are welcomed to the library for  re-registration.



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Funny vacation with a book

Among the variety of summer activities, do not forget about visiting the library. Department of scientific literature service annually, during the summer holidays, organizes for its readers special collections of books for children. It will be interesting for schoolchildren to learn about the daily life of ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs, Vikings, Crusaders campaigns. Those who plan to visit nature: in the woods, at sea, and perhaps in exotic countries, we recommend reading books from the "World of Animals" series. Such as "Wolves", "Spiders", "Alligators and crocodiles", "Sharks".

Future ecologists and nature experts should familiarize themselves with the publication of Anatoly Davydov and Gennady Kuznetsov "Know, love, take care", which tells about rare species of animals in Ukraine. And to study the nature of the globe in more detail it will be interesting to read the series "The World of Wildlife", in which there were books: "In the country of snow and ice", "American prairies", "African expanses" and many others. There is an interesting literature for those who prefer exact sciences: P. Bevs "Rhymed Mathematics", M.V. Bogdanovich "The Mathematical Rainbow", "The Great Encyclopedia of the Schoolboy". Visit the library and choose bright, instructive and funny books for your students and kids!



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