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Virtual exhibition "Ocean Man" (To the 215 anniversary of the birth of Victor Hugo)

"Victor Hugo is a monumental oak, a truly wonderful personification of the French genius."

(I. Turgenev)

Victor Hugo came into the history as a great romantic writer, the fame of French culture, humanist, the defender of the oppressed, the struggler for the good and justice. The readers of the whole world know his novels, which described the bright canvases of folk life. Victor Hugo's romantic dramas which glorify pride, audacity and love have been on the world stages for two centuries. Victor Hugo's creative work is rich. He is a great poet, prose-writer, dramatist, literary critic and spirited publicist. Being a great master of word he was not only interested in literature. His creative work was open to "the storms of the century", to the urgent problems of the social and political life. For the future generations Hugo left a great amount of poems, novels, dramas,, critical articles, letters.