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Virtual exhibition «A Wise Man according to the Word, Mind and Life…»
(to the 295-anniversary since the birthday of Grigoriy Savich Skovoroda)


In December of 2017 the cultural community of Ukraine will celebrate 295-anniversary since the birthday of the famous Ukrainian philosopher, thinker, teacher, writer, musician, singer Grigoriy Savich Skovoroda.
The name of this person occupies an important place among the prominent figures of the past, who have enriched a philosophical thought and literature. Not only scientists but also readers were interested and are interested nowadays in the life and creative work of the thinker, because he investigated the problems of humanity, happiness and work of a human being. His songs, fables, parables, philosophical works survived their author and became the treasure of the world knowledge. Skovoroda dreamed about the free, joyful work according to the abilities and inspired with the beauty of nature. More...