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Virtual exhibition " I have that in my heart which cannot die !..." (Devoted to the 145th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka)

   The history of mankind preserves a lot of names of masters, who got the eternal fame for the depth of their thoughts and the wisdom of their heart. The Ukrainian poetess, dramatist, prose-writer, public figure, translator, publicist, folklorist – Lesya Ukrainka (1871 - 1913) belongs to these people. On February the 25th this year we will celebrate 145-year anniversary since her birthday.
   Several years ago on the Ukrainian television the Ukrainian Project "Great Ukrainians" took place. According the results of voting Lesya Ukrainka was the only woman who was among ten the most famous persons. Introducing her, Roman Victiuk told, "If to say in three words, I would say she is genius, holy and heroin. And if to say very seriously she is a goddess-woman". The life and creative work of this poetess became the example for different generations of writers, poets and ordinary people. She proved that the man had to struggle, live and win. The characters of the writer are like the author. Lesya brought to the Ukrainian literature the type of new character – a strong, proud, talented and brave person.