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We give ourselves a holiday

The meeting of the Women's Club took place on May 31. Creativity is the essence of our staff and "We give ourselves a holiday" was chosen as the topic of the meeting. Hand-made jewelry items from beads and natural materials were presented by Julia Pechena and Elena Bilyk. They told about history of their hobbies and shared small secrets of their skills.

Vivid impressions were caused by the artistic pictures embroidered with threads and beads made by Yanina Stets and Olga Sukh. Making volume paper ornaments is a hobby of Yulia Golosnaya. Her room is decorated with these unusual paper things. "To live is to do things, but not to buy them," said Socrates. Tatyana Ivlyushkina fully agrees with these words. Our colleagues showed woman's clothes from her own collection. Tatyana Grebenik and Marina Pavlova read their poems during the meeting.

Those present at the meeting of the women's club received positive emotions, interesting experience and pleasant moments of communication with friends.